The special manufacturing technique ensures optimum stabilisation of the muscle. The innovative compression knitting technology perfectly keeps the muscle in form. 
Thus it reduces muscle vibrations and boosts the circulation. No unnecessary stress is put on the musculature, which is also supplied with more oxygen. 
This means that signs of fatigue which accompany physical exertion occur later – for increased energy and performance.

compression 1.0

Perfect support for
your feet

– compression knitting technique

– ring bandage for a perfect fit

– S.E.P. stabilises, optimises and relieves

– ideal moisture transport and fast drying

– high-quality fibre combinations for maximum comfort

– odourless

– padding at sensitive spots

– left-right knitting

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space dryer 1.0

step by step
Putting the COMPRESSION SOCKS on properly!

The orienteering runners Dominik & Florian Jandl do it - that's how to put on the compression socks quickly and easily. 
They also show how to determine the calf circumference correctly.

size table

Professionals are impressed

Christiane Schoon
Horse trainer

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Athleets and Orienteers  

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Mathias Seper
Mountain runner 

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Niclas Baldauf
Professional triathlete 

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Human Hurricane
Obstacle Course Racing

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Millie Knight
Skifahrerin Paralympics

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