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Lenz functional clothing has been complying with the highest demands in the worlds of sport, work and leisure since 1987. In addition to optimum wearability, the best fit and the most up-to-date fibre compositions, Lenz functional clothing also stands for the patented S.E.P. System. In order to maintain the consistently high quality of the products, all textiles are developed and produced in Europe.





Our extremities are the first to freeze at cold temperatures. We consume lots of energy in order to keep our body temperature constant in the cold.
This means that muscle power and performance are reduced by up to 50%. Our ability to perform and concentrate is severely impaired when our
body temperature gets too low. In contrast, our susceptibility to injury increases. The heatable products by Lenz mean that the body needs much
less energy in order to maintain its “feel-good climate”.

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One lithium pack – all possibilities

Lenz heat app

heat control via app: You can control the temperature easily via the Lenz heat app. In addition, the app provides an overview
of the current state of charge of all lithium packs.

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Merino wool is the perfect raw material for sportswear and functional clothing: it is much finer than normal sheep’s wool.
Excellent heating properties, breathable, highly elastic, light, fast-drying – and is anti-bacterial, which has a positive effect on the odour.
Although the fine merino wool is a lot less irritating than rough wool, it is still a natural product which can scratch and chafe.
It is for this reason that Lenz products with merino SOFTTEC® contain a special inside layer made from high-tech yarns –
for 100% non-scratch comfort and high durability!

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Die The special manufacturing technique ensures optimum stabilisation of the muscle. The innovative compression knitting technology perfectly
keeps the muscle in form. Thus it reduces muscle vibrations and boosts the circulation. No unnecessary stress is put on the musculature,
which is also supplied with more oxygen. This means that signs of fatigue which accompany physical exertion occur later – for increased energy
and performance.


The orienteering runners Dominik & Florian Jandl demonstrate how to do it - this is how you determine the right size and quickly
and easily attract the compression socks.  

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S.E.P. Performance Socks and Wear stabilise and support essential joints. This prevents joint fatigue, wear and tear, and pain.
In this manner, they contribute towards the perfect muscle function. The S.E.P. system keeps the body in the natural position
which is perfect for it from an anatomical point of view. It synchronises sequences of movements and boosts circulation.
This stabilises the neck, shoulders and musculature. In the region of the foot, it distributes the load better, optimising the
rolling movement.

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The new flowmould technology by Lenz simplifies the amount of work required for the perfectly fitted insoles to three steps,
reducing the fitting time to 3 minutes. flowmould soles are heated directly at their core, thereby shortening the amount of
time it takes to heat up and cool down the product. This process goes easy on the materials, and the soles can be reformed
several times, without any loss of quality. The main objective of the development was to make fitting as easy as possible in
order to achieve a permanently high and exact quality rate.*


1. Determine the shoe size, align the foot on the positioning laser and start flowmould
2. The customer feels the heating-up phase as well as the fitting in the form of wave-shaped
pressure in the arch of the foot, which is also used for cooling at the same time.
3. The customer is informed about the perceptible stages via the display.

Beschreibung Flowmould

* Flowmould insoles make shoes much more comfortable to wear. They do not correct any incorrect foot positions and do not replace the orthopaedic work process. We therefore always recommend that you contact a doctor or an orthopaedist if you experience any pain, problems with your feet, etc.

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Viscose (Bamboo)

The natural fibre made from viscose (bamboo) primarily stands out due to the pleasant wearing properties such as air permeability and odour neutrality.
The feel on the skin is very similar to silk.



Cotton is a natural fibre. It is highly absorbent in comparison to synthetic fibres and can absorb up to 65% of its own weight in water. 
Cotton yarns are considered to be very skin-friendly as they are not “scratchy” and have a very low allergic potential.


Hipora is a water-proof and breathable substance used as filling in winter, motorcycle, and bicycle gloves.The basic functions of climate membranes are
the same or similar in all membranes. They keep out the rain and wind from outside and allow the transporting of water vapour outwards. This gives the
clothing excellent weather protection and comfort characteristics.


PrimaLoft® is a high-quality, synthetic insulation material made of polyester. Originally developed to meet the requirements of the
US army, which wanted a water-repellent, synthetic alternative to goose down, PrimaLoft® offers reliable protection against cold and
is at the same time thin, soft, and flexible.


Merino wool is the perfect raw material for sports and functional clothing: It is finer than normal sheep’s wool. 
The wool warms excellently, is breathable, highly elastic, light and dries quickly.
Moreover, it has an antibacterial effect with a positive impact on the smell.


Silk dries quickly and has a temperature-balancing effect – due to its good insulation, it’s warm in winter and cool in summer.
Therefore, it provides the ideal feel-good climate on the skin. 


Silver has an antibacterial, germ-reducing and smell-retardant effect.
It balances the temperature and has antistatic and shielding properties.