Charlott Maria Schürmann

Dressage rider

As a dressage rider I am spending many hours with my horses. Until now I had no suitable performance wear for the icy winter month in my closet. Everybody who is riding can understand how cold feet feel. One thick pair of socks or a second pair is only possible at the expense of comfort within the anyway tight riding boots

I am happy to test the usability of the smart textiles of Lenz at the equestrian sport and I am surprised and enthusiastic at the same time. The heat socks 1.0 slim fit are not thicker than other common socks and they gave me a good feeling within my riding boots. Normally you connect the small lithium packs at the cuff of the socks. Because they have not enough space within the tight boots, Lenz offers through the cable extension (extension cord 80 cm and extension cord 120 cm) a suitable solution. The lithium packs can be connected with push buttons to the extension and then the lithium packs are stowed at the jacket pockets. The cords are not disturbing during my training at all. The lithium packs can be operated very easy, also with gloves. The first of three heating levels is sufficient to ensure a good circulation at your feet.

Besides the heat socks I would not miss the heat vest 1.0 and heat bandage 1.0 at my daily training. When riding, the upper body can be protected better through warm clothes than the feet. I am wearing this two products alternating and I do not have to dress like an onion with many clothing layers. These products gave me enough warmth and the great mobility I need to fully concentrate on my sport. The lowest heat level is also spending enough warmth and thus the 4 to 5 hours at the stable are noticeable more pleasant.

For rainy or snowy horse shows the space dryer 1.0 cannot be missed at my luggage. Through his expandable extra-long tubes (38 cm extension) my riding boots are dry within a short time. Besides the perfect and robust processing of the product I want to highlight the quality of the packaging. To enjoy the Lenz products as long as possible, the heat vest for example is packed within a hard case, where every element of the product has a foamed place. So transport damages can be avoided and the sustainability of the product is ensured.

No cold shiver will run down my spine any more through the heat vest and heat bandage. Thanks to the heat socks I could say goodbye to my gold feet and so I am looking forward to further innovative ideas, which warm me up at cold winter days, so I can focus on the sport. I can “warmly” recommend all equestrian friends the heat products of Lenz.


Yours, Charlott Maria Schürmann

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