Marco & Luca Dallago

Ice Cross Downhill Pros
Red Bull Crashed Ice Participants


As Ice Cross Downhill Athlets we have to deal with cold every day. As a part of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship we travel to the wintriest places in Europe and North America. Red Bull Crashed Ice is one of the most exiting sport events which fascinate hundred thousand of viewers every year with speeds of 80 km/h, long jumps and nonstop action. We skate four-way against each other in a special built ice channel – and everything on skates. And this is the problem we are facing every year. Although you’d think skates are suitable for cold temperatures, this is not the case. In other words – they are damn cold.

Last season we had a race in Sherbrooke, Canada. With temperatures about -34 °C this was the coldest race we have participated by then. After we have almost suffered frostbites at the toes, we have decided to look for heated soles or socks for future situations like this. 

After a whole season testing the heat socks 5.0 toe cap we can confidently say that they made our day-to-day racing considerable easier. The socks guarantee that we have not to focus on the pain on our toes which is caused through the cold, but on the race instead. We were also surprised that it was not really hot, it felt always very pleasant and comfortable which is perfect from our point of view. You cannot feel the heating element in the sock, it’s just the same feeling if you are wearing normal skiing socks. Furthermore it was great that in the EU plug of the charger there was also included the plug for North America, so we can charge our lithium packs everywhere.

We want to point out a few experiences. Marco forgot to switch on the right heat sock during training in Finland. His right foot was that cold that it started to hurt whilst my left foot was toasty warm.

The ultimate endurance test was our Red Bull Crashed Ice Race in Ottawa. With peak temperatures of -25 °C this was one of the most frosty race weekends we ever had. Thanks to the heat socks it was no problem for our feet. You could say that we did not get cold feet at the race :)


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