Athleets & Orienteers

The bags are packed so let’s get started! Our destination is Arvika, a small village in Sweden where “O-Ringen”, the biggest orienteering event of Sweden, will take place, with about 15.000 participants. O-Ringen is a competition within 5 days and as passionate athletes we were really looking forward to it. From the first second we were aware that these competitions are not comparable with the competitions in Austria. The terrain is much more detailed and there are no distinctive points. Sumps, contour lines, stones and the compass are the most important tools for orientation, there were nearly no paths.


After initial starting difficulties and insecurities on Swedish territory we could improve from day to day and could gain experience. Beside the physical activity each competition poses special skills on the mental fitness. The interaction of body and soul brings great success.


We achieved the perfect regeneration thanks to the Lenz Products. For could nights in our tent we were equipped with the first layer 1.0 underwear. It was very pleasant to wear this underwear even in the night. Relaxing sleep is a base for good competition.We had also packed other Lenz products in our suitcase. With the compression socks 1.0 and compression sleeves 1.0 we could activate the circulation in our legs. We used them before each competition. It was really worth it to wear them regularly.  

This week was a special adventure and we made really important experiences.

Wet feet can be no more excuses for us. The space dryer 1.0 makes it possible to dry shoes within a few hours. We are training at any weather - snow, rain or bright sunshine. So it can happen that we come home with completely soaked shoes after training. In order to use the shoes at the next days we rely on the space dryer 1.0.

Besides the successful design the space dryer has a very simple operation. The different setting modes are very useful, they switch off after a certain time and so do not waste energy. We used it for different shoe models and it fitted in perfectly and dried all shoes perfectly.

The combination of wet shoes and sweat which occur during the training sessions results in unpleasant odors. Through the fragrance platelets, which can be inserted in the space dryer, there is a very pleasant smell during the drying operation.

Very remarkable is that the space dryer 1.0 can also be used for skiing boots, trekking boots, gloves and much more textiles. So the space dryer is an essential gadget if you have wet shoes for many times.


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