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As a rider I am in love with my sport at every season. To be honest I am happier with nice weather than with freezing temperatures. Especially if you have to take care of more than one horse a day, you will freeze very fast. Cold weather is sometimes really unbearable for me. After a ride I am quite frozen and so I was really happy to test the products of Lenz.


The heated socks 5.0 toe cap are performance socks with an integrated heating element you don’t notice and they are heated at the toe area. They have optimal moisture transportation, are ergonomically knitted and can be washed at the machine at 30 °C. The socks I have worn mostly at long walks with my dogs. I was surprised that they are really warm better than normal insoles or thick lining shoes.


The heated vest 1.0 is a breathable vest with two heating elements in the kidney and back area. I have worn the vest a few times, also when I helped my friend to move her horse to another stable and we were outdoor for a long time. The heat vest keeps their promise and my back was cozily warm. My back is very sensitive and when I cool down I get back pain for some days. The amazing thing is that the heat vest adapts to every movement, is very elastic and thin and can be worn under all type of clothes. The heat vest therefor supports the freedom of movement because you have not to put on layers over layers of clothes.


The heated bandage 1.0 is a functional bandage for the back with two integrated heating elements. The back area is my weak point and so I am using the heat bandage when I am sitting at my desk for a while or when I am going for a walk with my dog and its very cold. The heated bandage relaxes muscles in people suffering from back pain, muscle ailments, rheumatic complaints and tension and also warms the back during all outdoor activities. So the heat bandage accompanied me at the sporting and also non-sporting activities asides the riding stable. 

Last but not least the space dryer 1.0 – it dries shoes, textiles and gloves. I will also use the dryer in summer because after a ride my gloves are always wet and also my riding boots can be sweaty after riding three horses. In winter I am using the space dryer for my riding boots and also my everyday shoe because they can get wet when I am picking up my horses from the field. The space dryer is protected from overheating and you can choose different drying periods. The space dryer is for short shoes but you can also put on the extensions which are perfect to dry also long riding boots. 

I am using the products for a while and I have to say that the usage is very easy and user-friendly. The lithium packs can be recharged by an USB cord and a charger directly at the power outlet and can be connected to the textile through the press buttons. Through the warmth the muscles provide more power and are more protected from injuries. Many don’t know that the body needs a lot of energy to keep the temperature at cold days, this effect decreases the muscle power and also the performance up to 50 %. The lithium packs which lasts up to 20 hours can also be regulated through a smartphone app.


As conclusion I can definitively point out that this was one of the best cooperation in the course of my “blogger career” because the products have demonstrable increased my well-beeing.

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