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Warm and cosy with heated products

 Cold feet are one of the biggest problems of women. Especially when you are outdoor for many hours heated products are invaluable. Last winter I was out at many cold days because of my little son. Despite you have constant movement sometimes you really get cold. I have chosen two products – the new heated socks and the heat vest – and will report about my experiences.


Heated socks: Lenz Set of heat socks 5.0 toe cap + lithium pack rcB 1200 Bluetooth

As with the previous model the socks can be used within “normal” shoes. There is no space problem and the wearing comfort is great. The toe cap innovation means that the complete toe area is surrounded by the heating element. So the toes are heated from the top and the bottom. The lithium pack battery sits beneath the special comfortable leg band such that you hardly notice it. The lithium packs are easy to attach by means of press studs on the leg band. The heat can be regulated via 3 settings on the lithium pack or remotely via smartphone (Lenz heat app). The socks heat for up to 20 hours on level 1 and so you can be outdoor for a long time. The additional shin protector and paddings protect from pressure marks. The socks are ergonomically knitted, have an optimal moisture transport and are washable at 30 °C at the washing machine. For narrow feet there is a slim fit version.

The set contains of:

1 pair of Lenz heat socks 5.0 toe cap, 2 rechargeable lithium pack rcB 1200 with Bluetooth, 1 USB charging cable with charging indicator, 1 global USB-charger 100-240V, 1 storage bag and the manual.


As for every technical device its best to follow the instructions in the manual. There is a short description about handling. After the complete charging the lithium packs you can attach them by means of press studs on the leg band. The leg band can be turned down and you can start the heating manually or by Smartphone (Lenz heat app). If you need power for many hours, you can use a lower level. The feet are warm without sweating and no matter if you are skiing, on a winter trekking tour or at the Après-Ski snow bar, you will never have cold feet again.

Heated vest: Set of heat vest 1.0 women + lithium pack rcB 1800 Bluetooth

The heat vest 1.0 woman includes lithium packs rcB 1800 and is a breathable vest with two heating elements in the kidney and back area. The lithium packs can be attached be similar to the socks by press buttons at two small bags at the inside of the vest. The vest is very light and stretchy and has a very soft fleece application at the collar. The vest clings to the upper body and you hardly feel the batteries. The vest is very thin so you can wear it below your clothing without problems. It is wind and water repellent and non-abrasive and dries out quickly again. You can wash the heated vest at 30 °C at the washing machine. So it is perfectly for every outdoor sport and outdoor activity.

The set consists of:

1 heat vest 1.0 women, 2 rechargeable lithium packs rcB 1800 Bluetooth, 1 USB charging cable with charging indicator, 1 global USB-charger 100-240V, 1 storage bag, manual


First you have a look at the manual. After the complete charging of the lithium packs you can attach them at the inside pockets by means of press studs. The heating can be regulated manually or by Smartphone (Lenz heat app). The back area is warmed up within a short time. Especially if you are not moving outdoor for the whole time, the heat vest is great.



No matter if heat socks or vest – I am a fan of the heated products of Lenz for a long time. You can really enjoy your time outdoor and there is no annoying freezing any more. The handling with the products and also batteries is really simple. Thanks to the Bluetooth app you can regulate the lithium packs even if there are many layers of clothing overlying.

I really freeze a lot but with the Lenz products I can go outside and have fun outdoor with warm and cosy feet and a well-warmed back at the cold season.


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