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If it starts getting really cold



... most of the time I tried to get warmer by moving a lot. Due to the cold my attention decreased and so one or another chance for a good shot couldn’t be used. Today I reach for my smartphone and switch on my heat sock 5.0 toe cap and the heat vest 1.0 by Lenz.


When I go hunting, I don’t want to freeze – but sometimes it’s just very cold outside. We are constantly exposed to the weather and only very few hunters have extensively isolated pulpits in the area. Before I used Lenz heating products, I used a several extra layers of functional clothing or a “Ansitzsack”. Unfortunately, this solution was completely unsuitable as it’s impossible to move quickly and silently.


In search of a practicable solution, I quickly came across Lenz from Austria. I particularly liked the possibility to control socks and vest stepless via the smartphone. Alternatively, you can set three heat levels directly on the lithium pack with a simple push of a button. I use this feature quite rarely and usually only when the smartphone battery is empty. The lithium packs are inserted into the garment where they sit securely against loss. Thanks to a Bluetooth connection between the lithium packs and the smartphone you can control the heat level anytime.

In autumn, I wear the heating vest under a thin loden or softshell jacket in warning color. Below the jacket I only wear a shirt and a Lenz longsleeve merino. Depending on the heat level, the lithium packs rcB 1800 keep you warm for six to nine hours.



Individual review


heat vest 1.0

The breathable vest is equipped with two heating elements in the kidney and back area. The two lithium packs are located in the front abdominal area in small pockets and are connected with three snaps. The location of the connection point is well thought and does not disturb in any situation. The vest is very light and sits quite tight, which may be a bit unusual at the beginning. But due to the tight contact with the body, the heat is transferred optimally. After hunting, the vest can be washed at 30 ° in the washing machine.


heat sock 5.0 toe cap

The socks are provided with a heating element that completely encloses the toe area. At the beginning this was very unusual in my opinion, but it makes perfect sense as the toes go hypothermic first. The ergonomically knitted socks are pleasantly soft and also padded in exposed areas. Both lithium packs are easy to attach by means of press studs at the legband and do not interfere with the wearing of boots as the socks are quite high. Like the vest, the socks are washable at 30 ° in the washing machine.





After a test period of more than a year, I can no longer imagine go hunting without heating clothes. Even at cold temperatures far below 0° Celsius I decide for myself when the hunt is over. There is no early stop because of bad or cold weather. In January, at minus 15 degrees and after a three-hour raised hide, I was able to shoot a skipper which I had seen the night before. Another key factor for me is maintaining my health.


As a passionated drive-hunter, however, Lenz's heating apparel offers the biggest advantage for me while hunting. Thanks to the vest and socks, I don’t need extra layers which makes me much more agile. 

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