Lara-Sophie Maurer and Clara Köpke

Bronze medal at the Junior European Championships in Le Mans


As vaulters we have to suffer from cold every winter. Despite many layers of socks our feet always felt cold. We are glad that this will change in future and we can train with heat socks 5.0 toe cap without cold feet in winter.

Without any expectation but with great hope that our feet won’t get icy gold, we tested the heat socks for the first time. It was really great because we had warm feet during the training. We are wearing both in summer and in winter very thin slippers and because of this we used heating level 2. If it is too cold or warm, changing the levels is very easy. The small lithium packs are absolutely no problem whilst do gymnastics on the horse.

Due to the heat socks we can deliver top performance also in winter. We do not have to take breaks to warm up our feet. We are very glad about this because also the risk of injury decreases because our joints stay warm. In addition the socks are really warm because of the merino wool!

We are very happy that we had the possibility to test the heat socks and can really recommend them. They convince through their simple handling and the heat can be regulated at the lithium pack at 3 levels.

Our winters will definitively improve through the heat socks. No training with cold feet any more! We are really happy about the heat socks of Lenz and we cannot imaging training without them because we can focus completely on our sport.

We want to thank Lenz for the heat socks!



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