Markus Amon & Hannes Gröbner

Extreme mountaineers

Even under extreme conditions at the highest mountain of the world, we could rely on the products of Lenz. For example the getting to the base camp, when we partially had very long day trips, we weathered thanks to the Compression socks 3.0 Merino. We also have worn the Longsleeve Men 3.0 which had a perfect wearing comfort combined with ideal moisture regulation and the longsleeves have really made the trips easier.

At the trips on the mountain with adverse weather condition, especially in the high camps, the heat socks 5.0 toe cap have supported us together with the high-performance lithium pack rcB 1800 with the necessary warmth in the toe area. At temperatures about minus 30 °C and wind speed beyond 60 km/h at this sea level it is very important to protect your toes from frostbites. We climb without porters and bottled oxygen and that’s why the danger of frostbite is much higher. The body is due to the sea level and a low in oxygen environment incapable to produce enough warmth for all regions of the body. The heated socks have definitively helped us a lot and maintained from cold damages. To protect the lithium packs from the temperatures we have worn them with the extension cords 80 cm in our trouser pockets.

The heat gloves 3.0 mittens unisex were our constant companion to protect our fingers. Like virtually no other glove he gave us and maintained the essential warmth.

Thanks to Lenz Products we are back from our adventure from the highest mountain in the world without frostbites or cold damages!


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