Markus Amon

Extreme mountaineer


The Austrian extreme mountaineer Markus Amon has climbed the Manaslu and the McKinley – arguably the world’s coldest mountain – and cannot imaging setting off on his expeditions without the Lenz heat socks in his rucksack in future:

“There were pleasant temperatures in my footwear at all times, even at temperatures well below minus 30 degrees, meaning that I had no problems at all with frostbite. I cannot imagine going on any more tours without the Lenz heat socks 1.0! It gives me increased safety and protection against the latent danger of frostbite in the toe area. This part of the body is at the most risk of being affected by frostbite, is hard to keep warm and, above all, it is practically impossible to control! And that is why I am only going on my expeditions with my Lenz heat socks with me in future – to ensure I always come back in one piece and without any injuries caused by the cold.”



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