Martina Fischer



Last March our film team had some filming in Island and Greenland. In both countries it was mid-winter and we were worried if we would keep the cold because we had to stay outside the whole day. Our worries were completely unfounded – because of the company Lenz and their great heat products.  We had heat socks, heat vests, heat gloves and the heat bandage with us.

Especially our cameraman and our make-up artist were really happy about the heat gloves 3.0 because they had to work very precise with their hands. They had warm fingers at any time, the cameraman could operate the camera and the make-up artists could apply the make-up without problems.

Our actor was glad about the heat vest 1.0 because during the shootings he had to stay in the ice-cold wind for longer period with a relaxed facial expression. Thanks Lenz it was no problem for him!

Also the heat bandage 1.0 was very useful. However – we have misused the bandage. Normally you can wear the bandage at the back and it will warm your kidney and back area. In Greenland our camera batteries benefited from them. Normally cold reduces the battery runtime, so we wrapped the bandage around the batteries. The batteries had a normal runtime despite temperatures of average – 15 °C and we could continue with our shootings trouble-free.

Thanks to the great heat socks 1.0 slim fit the whole team has warm feet at our artic adventures like drives on a dogsled, climbing in an ice cave or kayaking in the polar sea.

The lithium batteries are easy to charge and heat the whole day, according to the heat level. It’s very practical that you can use the same battery for socks, bandage and vest and you only have to fix them at the press button to activate the warmth.

The whole team was really satisfied with the heat products and in future we won’t go out in the cold without them.

Many thanks to Lenz supporting us at our arctic adventure!

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