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The first experiences - freezing is no target in hunting

Two or three years ago I have seen a heated vest at another dog handler. After being outdoor we changed our clothes to avoid catching a cold. My fried Klaus was wearing surprising few clothes and he was not cold! He presented his heated vest very proud which he knew from motorcycling.


I tested the heated vest and socks at a raised hide of several hours.

If you freeze, the attention sinks and the venison will recognize you soon because of wriggling toes and every other movement. Freezing is not only uncomfortable, but also limits the success in hunting. With the heated clothes of Lenz we could prevent these problems.



The heat can be regulated through three levels. The regulation is possible very easy though the clothing due to the innovative construction of the buttons. The other possibility is the regulation of the heat through the app by means of the Smartphone.

Personally I have not used the app because I am not a friend of smartphones during hunting.



The handling of the heated socks is very easy. I used the lithium packs rcB 1800, the strongest ones, and they have spent warmth about 10 hours. The heated areas within the vest are at the right area, where the body temperature decreases very fast. The heat vest is very light and pleasant over performance wear or a shirt. The material is fast drying if you are sweating. The advantage of the vest is that you can really forget two layers, so you are wearing less clothes and also less weight. The processing of the seams and also the zipper is very good.


Practical experience

When I am moving more, I switch off the lithium packs, after that I turned in on again. The fact that I am not freezing any more is not only luxury but also to preserve my health. You do not think about going home because you are freezing and when the hunting success is sure, the equipment will definitely pay dividends. As written before I could do without one sweater or shirt.

For the ladies who are normally freeze more it is an absolute enrichment, this is what my wife, also passionate huntswomen, attested.

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