Matthias Haunholder

Professional Freeskier

500 kilometers by foot and kite from Union Glacier Camp to the Ellsworth Mountains and back

Mountain tops higher than 4,000 meters that need to be conquered on the quest for the best freeride descent.

6 weeks at temperatures of between -15 and -50 °C.

Possibility of snow storms with up to 300 km/h wind velocity.

3 men, alone in the endless vastness: Matthias Mayr, Matthias "Hauni" Haunholder and cinematographer Johannes Aitzetmüller.



At our skiing adventures at the most extreme and coldest places in the world frostbites can be life-threatening. At our Antarctic expedition “No Man’s Land – Expedition Antarctica” we could completely exclude the risk of frostbites at our toes.

Especially for our cinematographer this was very important because he had to wait at the same place to take the shots for a while. The heat socks 5.0 toe cap were absolutely necessary because the skiing boot itself only has a very limited insulation. The wearing comfort and also the handling of the heated socks were perfect. The lithium packs rcB 1800 lasted also at the coldest days and warmed us the whole day. “Overnight” (we had 24 hours daylight at the Antarctica) we could recharge the lithium packs rcB 1800 easily with our solar panels and batteries. I was very skeptical about the lithium packs because we were at the mountains and valleys of the Antarctica for 18 days – but there were no problems at the complete duration of our Expedition.

The dry cold at the Antarctica was really insidious! We were constantly in motion and the cold at the body was bearable with good clothing. But especially the external extremities, especially fingers and toes, are very sensitive for cold. We can really handle the cold well and got used to it but we are extremely careful. Our experience at Siberia at – 55 °C showed that frostbites at fingers and toes can happen quickly. This was the reason why we didn’t want to go on the Antarctic Expedition without the Lenz heated products. The Lenz heated socks were a part of the basis for our success at the expedition.



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