Matthias Seper

Mountain runner and tour guide


I have tested both performance socks Running 4.0 and Trekking 8.0 at training at wind and weather conditions – at pouring rain, 30 °C and on snow.


The Running 4.0 gives you a very stable feeling and you have a very good support within the shoe. You notice the S.E.P. technology immediately when you first put on the sock because this point supports the foot at the important points. You don’t get blisters and the moisture transport works flawless. Even after repeated washing and using (about 150 to 200 km) the socks does not wear out. These socks are the perfect companion for training and competition!

I have also put the Trekking 8.0 with merino wool to the acid test. My testing criteria were: moisture transport, heat control, stabilization of the foot and wellbeing after 8 hours. All of these criteria were mastered by the trekking sock with bravura! On my first tour, a climbing route with a total walking time of 5 hours, I had concerns if the socks could cause blisters and pressure marks, because it is stated that you should break socks in slowly. The result after 5 hours of hiking and climbing: no blisters and no pressure marks! The high percentage of merino wool makes the socks very soft and skin-friendly. The flat seams at the toe area make sure that the toes do not fall asleep at long tours. These trekking socks are suitable for all shoe and foot types.


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