Matthias Seper

Mountain runner and tour guide


The compression socks 1.0 are a real miracle weapon! The compression knitting technology which Lenz is using enables all products of Lenz to be a high tech product in an own league. The different paddings and compression sections support the foot at a natural way and the muscle which is necessary for this support, is also trained.

No matter when you are putting on the compression sock – you really feel the support and the slower fatigue. Whether trail running, half-marathon or simply a longer hiking tour – it’s fantastic to have relatively fresh legs after a long da.

The quick drying time is a huge advantage if you have completed a training or competition in the rain. The sock is dry after a short time, so you don’t have to worry about friction of the sock in wet conditions.


The space dryer 1.0 is a real must have for all active athletes which cannot be held by bad weather conditions from training. Every athlete knows the feeling, no matter if in winter or in summer, when you come home from training soaking wet and you know that next training is tomorrow morning.

The space dryer 1.0 is a perfect tool through the different areas of application. A major benefit is the energy-efficient drying (different drying times can be individually programmed, independent temperature control). The exchangeable fragrance plates give the dried shoe or glove always a pleasant smell.

The programmable drying times give you the possibility to dry your textiles between your trainings or in a short break. The durability of a shoe which is wet for days after every training or competition won’t be as long as if the shoe is dry after a maximum of three hours.

Because of this the space dryer 1.0 is with me at every competition from the beginning.

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