Matthias Seper

Mountain runner and tour guide


I tested the heat socks 5.0 toe cap of Lenz. The results of my test you can find at the following report.


The socks consist of 49 % polyester, 29 % nylon, 10 % polypropylene, 5 % spandex and 7 % very soft merino wool. Merino wool has the advantage that the sock is very smooth and soft and even after several uses it does not begin to smell. The sock fits every type of foot because of the ergonomically knitting technology and paddings. The moisture transport works efficient so you don’t have wet feet even after an exhausting skiing tour. Despite heating wires at the toe area you don’t have uncomfortable pressure marks or points of friction in a tight skiing boot. The lithium pack is stowed at the cuff of the sock and the cuff can be turned over the lithium pack.


Heat can be regulated with three heating levels individually on your requirements. At the lowest level there is a heating period of up to 14 hours, at the middle level up to 7,5 hours and at level three there is a heating level up to 4,5 hours. This heating power last easily for a skiing day, trekking day or a skiing tour. There are different types of lithium packs. I have tested the lithium pack rcB 1200 – “B” stands for Bluetooth, thus you can regulate the temperature of your heat sock very easy through the Lenz heat app which can be downloaded. The charging time of the lithium packs is about 6 hours.

My résumé:

I have worn the socks at ski touring, skiing, trekking and at Night race in Schladming, where you are standing 5 hours in the snow and I have to say: it’s the perfect sock with a high degree of wearing comfort! Irrelevant if somebody has cold feet or not, the heat socks are going to be worth the money. The advantage of heat socks instead of heated insoles is the wearability in every shoe. No matter if you are athlete, hunter or worker – I would recommend them to everybody. 

Thanks to Lenz for this great socks!


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