Matthias Seper

Mountain runner and tour guide


We all know the problem – you work for the whole day and want to do sport. You go running, biking or just a take a walk. Mostly you cannot avoid walking along roads or even crossing them. Everybody has experienced that a passing car has recognized you only at the last minute.

 Lenz Products has brought the LED system 1.0 on the market, which is a great support for your own safety. Through the bright LED stripes at your body you are recognized early by other road users and thus it ensures safety on your way.

 Over the winter month I was on the way with the LED system 1.0. Starting from the Christmas Mass to the Planai Snow Run and for sure the evening training after work.


The product:

– 3 different light levels

– Active and passive safety  through sewn-in reflectors

– Very easy control (perfect for kids on their way to school)

– Light intensity and patterns can be regulated by the Lenz heat app or directly at the LED system

– Small pack size

– Compatible for backpacks


The result

I really like the LED system. You can set different light intensity and patterns (flashing, steady light, alternating flashing and steady light, …). The lithium pack has duration of 30 to 35 hours, depending on the light intensity. It’s no problem when the lithium pack is empty during an activity, because the reflecting sewn-in stripes light passive.

Through the quickly adjustable straps and the small packing dimensions it’s the ideal companion for all outdoor activities during the year.


I can recommend the LED system 1.0 to everyone who makes a point of safety.


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