Maximilian Kramer

Professional golfer Challenge Tour – 2nd golf league in Europe

I am golf professional and I am using the winter month for the training of the coming season. Especially in this time it’s often very cold and wet outside, so I have to train inside. Until now I had no appropriate clothing for the training on the range or on the golf course because thick and warm winter jackets are disturbing more at the golf swing as they are warming.


A hunting friend drew my attention to the products of Lenz and now the annoying and thick winter clothing is a thing of the past. Thanks to the heat vest 1.0 I can also practice sport without problems at cold winter days. I put on the heat vest before training on my shirt so it’s near to my body to give off heat perfectly. The lithium packs are very light and there are no wires which could affect my movements. The heat vest can also be operated very simply by the Lenz heat app.

The feet also should not freeze so I have decided to wear the heat socks 5.0 toe cap. These socks are not much thicker than normal socks, so it’s no problem to wear them in golf shoes. They can be also operated by the Lenz heat app.


Warming products of Lenz belongs to the cold month to my daily golf training just like my golf club and I can recommend the products to everybody who is on the golf course at deep temperatures.


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