Chloe Margue

alpine ski racer

Few months ago I've heard about this brand “Lenz” who makes heated products for skiing. Wait whaaat ?! I need to try that !


Quick overview of the situation; I have a ankylosing spondylitis and a Raynaud disease...apparently my body doesn't really want me to get into the cold weather but still...I chose to ski. I didn't really chose, I just love that so much that I can't stop. I love racing too, I raced continental cups (Europa cup first and then Nord American cup since this year). But I have to say these last 2 years my Raynaud became worse and it started to become difficult to train as soon as the weather was not warm. I had to take breaks during my trainings when I couldn't feel my feet after just a few runs..they turned white/purple/greyish.


As I can't train properly being so cold, when I heard about these heated products I thought…well I don't know if it's gonna work but it's definitely worth the shot! Few days later I had my pair of heat socks 5.0 toe cap. You have 3 different levels of heat. As I have ski racing boots that are really tight I was afraid of being too tight and even more cold, or being bothered by the lihtium pack (you can't obviously wear them with shin guards, you would need the extension cords for that). And guess what, the socks are actually pretty thin and the lithium packs are well placed so that you don't really feel them, or at least it really doesn't bother you while you ski. When they're on the higher level you can definitely feel that it's warm (really warm!) I actually don't think that you use this level often except in some special conditions (besides that, it requires more battery power). Depending on the weather, level one or two is enough. I usually don't feel the heat but...I'm not cold ! And they last long enough for a training and even more. I used them for full day of skiing and it easily kept my feet like "not cold" (and dry which is a big thing as I tend to have my toes quickly wet in my ski boots)!

 I usually "set my heat socks" right before training and don't have to touch them until the end but the button on the socks is really accessible and noticeable thanks to a mark on the socks. Besides, I didn't had to use it yet but I think this is really cool and practical that there's an app allowing you to set up your socks so that you don't have to raise your ski pants and look for the button and everything. Just grab your phone and change the settings.


Conclusion? Honestly? It might be a certain expanse, but it's worth it - it's a gamechanger!

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