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Extreme biker

I have been using my electric motorcycle since two years and I am driving around 20.000 km a year. There is no biking season for me. The motorcycle is used for commuting and also for longer tours. Every day. No matter which weather, regardless of the time of day or night. To be on the electric motorcycle means to be fast, agile and quiet and to merge with the machine and nature.

All the more you rely on good clothes which are not only functional but also comfortable to wear. Especially at the cold season there are temperatures above the freezing point. So letting the machine in the garage and use the car? No! Because driving with my bike is very special at those cold days. And I don’t care about temperature since I am wearing heated clothes.

Earlier I have not worn special warm clothing apart from my protective clothing. I just wore several layers and not later than one hour my hands and feet were cold and to drive the bike became feats of strength: My reactions decrease significantly and often I came home with blue lips. Since I am using the heated clothing, I can drive very relaxed and almost like in summer. At the beginning I was very skeptical if the heated clothing really works, so this is my report about my experiences with the Lenz heated clothing in extreme conditions. 


Heat glove 3.0 men
The glove is very comfortable to wear and gives you a catchy feeling. At temperatures around 10 °C you do not have to turn on the heat glove because they keep you wonderfully warm. Below 10 °C you can use one of the three heating levels. The current heat level is displayed with LED elements. In their inside the heated gloves are soft padded so the hands feel good. The heat gloves also resist heavy rain and the electronical part is not damaged, I could also test this after several rainy drives. In comparison with a grip heating the advantage of the heat gloves of Lenz is that every finger is heated and not only the ball of the hands. So the fingers stay responsive – simply great to be on the way with Lenz heat gloves.



Heat vest 1.0 men
The vest warms especially the low area of the back and is worn as second layer. The vest is producing cozy warmth and you can change the intensity by the free heat app at 10 levels. I can benefit from the warmth of the vest especially at driving along curves because you have to assess how to push the machine or shift the weight. So you cannot afford to have a cold and inflexible upper body. With the heated vest the muscles stay warm and flexible and turning maneuvers can be done smoothly. The heat vest has a stylish cut and it would be a shame to only wear it below the biking clothes. And in fact I am wearing the vest in autumn also at the office.



Heat sock 5.0 toe cap
Bikers who are getting cold feet at longer tours notice a slower and jerky reaction during braking and shifting. Furthermore you tend to not shift your weight anymore and you are driving “edgy and stiffer”. This is what you should have to avoid whilst driving a motorcycle. Thanks to the Lenz heated socks this problems will become a thing of the past. Cozy warm feet are guaranteed and you can enjoy your drive for many hours. The socks are very comfortable to wear and the heated elements at the toes are not noted whilst wearing. The socks are knee-high and can be worn in the motorcycle boots without problems. You can also regulate the intensity of heat in 10 levels with the Lenz heat app.



All of the tested products have been worn during drives of about 8.000 kilometers at cold and almost icy temperatures and they look like new. The socks do not have holes, the leather of the heated glove is silky smooth and soft and the heat vest is still shapely. And what is most important: everything works fine, also after washing and also rainy days at my bike. So my first impression about the good quality has approved.



Why Lenz?
In search of suitable warming clothed the Lenz products attracted my attention. They seem to place special emphasis on performance and quality. And this is what you feel at the wearing and usage of the products: Nothing is scratching; everything is warm and soft, durable and robust. It just works. That’s the reason why I can recommend the Lenz products. With the heated cloths you always dive with a smile under the helmet.


The next cold days can come – the batteries are loaded. At the bike as well as at the heated clothes.

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