Human Hurricane

Obstacle Course Racing

We are the Human Hurricane, a team of athletes who practice OCR / Spartan Race nationally and internationally.

The Obstacle Course Race (OCR) were born with the aim of overcoming their limits to the athletes, through a preparation there various skills and experience such as: running, strength, endurance, agility, knowing how to climb and crawl.

To better face these competitions, we need the best technical clothing like the compression sock 4.0 low. Which is why the partnership with Lenz was born, which with its high-level tablets accompanies us in the race and in training. Lenz socks and tights have been studied in detail to meet the various needs and different fields of application, for this reason they are perfect for extreme use like the OCR / Spartan Race world! These compression socks 1.0 guarantee the right level of compression along the entire leg, with a structural support to the venous system, so as to re-establish the competence of the valve apparatus, favoring the normal venous flow; contrasting with its tensile strength to the increased capillary pressure, the elastic panty prevents the formation of edema, thanks to the graduated compression mechanism.

The Lenz socks are soft, seamless, with an anatomic insole that allows you to fit the shoes properly and with reinforced heel and toe so as to minimize rubbing in the most delicate points. The elastic stockings are produced with yarns with exceptional breathability and thermal insulation that do not allow the classic sponge effect that unites the socks of the same category.

Both in training and in competition, our sport rests on impervious and bumpy terrain that requires stability and protection, requirements that only Lenz can provide the best.

During a competition it is essential to feel good about what you are wearing, especially keeping your feet well.

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