Niclas Baldauf

Professional triathlete

As a triathlete it is very important for me to have socks which are best-performing in Running and Biking. With Lenz I have found a perfect partner and I am really delighted by the quality.

My absolute favourites are the Compression socks 4.0 Low because I am wearing them at training, competition, work and free time. They feel like a second skin and when my feet are getting tired the socks give me stability and support. Since I am wearing these socks, blisters are no part of my vocabulary any more!


My second favorites are the Compression socks 1.0. I am wearing them during my running training and at the recovery period. Before I start at competitions or at longer journey to the competition I wear them to keep my legs “fresh”.


I am also using the Lenz customized flowmould insoles in my running and biking shoes. Thanks to the 3D forming the shoes really fit perfect. I am impressed because at running I have a stronger and more stable feeling. Also in my biking shoes the insoles have a very positive impact because the shoe is more stiff and the energy is directly transferred to the pedal. I do not want to do bike without the insoles.

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