Tom Watts

Director British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School (BASS) Morzine & Les Gets


 As a ski teacher, working in the mountains, I’m outside all day, every day, for the whole winter, I can’t just nip inside for a warm up if I get cold. Staying warm and comfortable is all about having the right equipment. 

No matter what you wear, if you ski boots are wet before you start you’ll have cold feet in no time, the Space dryer 1.0 is a perfect solution, small enough to pack easily, but super powerful, there’s a timer and replaceable deodorant pads to keep the ski boot odors at bay! The extension pipes are a great idea too, allowing the heat to get right down to the toes, perfect for drying all types of boots and shoes and also gloves.


The Skiing 6.0 sock with it silk and merino content and the Compression socks 2.0 merino, with its high Merino content, are both extremely comfortable to wear, the compression socks designed to help reduce fatigue and increase performance. Both are a great fit, even in tight fitting performance ski boots.


Choice of layering is very important to help keep warm, I’m really impressed with the first layer 5.0 system.  It’s super comfortable, thanks to the Merino SOFTTEC, the SEP system helps to prevent joint and muscle fatigue. It actually feels like it’s part of you! I love the ¾ length pants, no more pulling the lower part out of ski boots.  I used the long sleeve top right up until the last few weeks of the season, (thankfully the 5.0 first layer system is really easy to wash and dries in no time!) then the short sleeve tee took over for spring skiing.


The heated socks are a revelation, I’ve had heated foot beds before, and they work really well but the they are only in your ski boots, the heat sock 5.0 toe cap can be worn in any footwear, clearing the snow before going to work, walking the dog, building snowmen with my son, and of course skiing all day!  Even in the most extreme conditions I always have warm feet. The phone app is great to control exactly how you want the heat, super flexible and the batteries lithium pack rcB 1800 last all day. The socks are very comfortable, they feel like regular socks, easy to wash too, they come with a special laundry bag to put in the washing machine.


What really blew me away though, and has become my favorite “can’t do without” piece of clothing, is the heated vest. It’s like a really warm person giving you a cuddle all day! The vest is really light weight and adds no bulk, the phone app makes controlling the heat really easy. 

The effectiveness and flexibility of the heat vest means that if I’m hardly moving on the beginners area and need lots of warmth, or working up a sweat hiking through deep snow off piste, I can easily regulate my temperature without the need to keep changing layers. 


The weather changes really quickly I the mountains, what started off as a really warm sunny day can quickly change to a blizzard, having the Lenz heated products means I’m ready for anything, and stay warm and comfortable all day!



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