Nele Schenker

Magentosport sports presenter 3rd german soccer league


Being a sports presenter can be tough sometimes. Because what most people don’t see: I am already 3 hours before kick-off and 1-2 hours after the end of the match in the stadiums. Meaning that in winter I’m often up to 6 hours outside in the freezing cold. Until recently this was a big issue for me, as my fingers and toes were cold most of the time. 

Since I'm really sensitive to cold temperatures, I've been looking for a solution to solve my frostbite problem during the winter season. A camerawoman told me her trick: Lenz products. Those products changed everything. I already tried many different products, but only Lenz products convinced me. The heat sock 5.0 toe cap with the extension cords, the heat gloves 4.0 and the heat bandage 1.0 are a inherent part of my sport-presenter equipment – just like my micro or my moderation cards.

Long story short: I am more than satisfied. I am finally not freezing anymore and I can concentrate fully on my job. Thank you Lenz - you're my #1 anti-freezing-weapon.

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