Nico Riedel

Fly fishing in Swedish Lappland

Nico and Peter hiked out into the wilderness of Swedish Lapland searching for char. They had to carry everything they needed with them. For 8 days of hiking, fishing and filming that is quite a lot. 

The fjäll in northern Sweden is famous for the many fishing possibilities. Out in the wild you can find waters that are under ice for half of the year. The rest of the year not a lot of angler come to fish, because most of the time it is a long way to walk and the temperatures often drop below 0° Celsius. High quality equipment is essential for a trip like this and that’s why Nico and Peter trust in Lenz Products: 

“When we prepared ourselves for the expedition to Swedish Lapland it was very important for us to find a solution for keeping ourselves and especially our feet warm. We would be standing in the cold water for a long time, so we had to avoid cooling down completely.

This was the point where we came across the Lenz heat socks 5.0 toe cap. Because of the fact that in general you can hardly find any possibility to charge batteries in the wilderness, the capacity of the battery was very important. The lithium pack rcB 1800 ensured warmth up to 20 hours on level one. This was sufficient for two days of fishing. In addition the extension cords 120 cm were very important to store the lithium packs closer to the upper body so they didn’t get wet.

In practice the heat socks 5.0 toe cap proved to be a wonder weapon. The feet, a weak spot at a cold day, could be neutralized through the technology. The socks of Lenz ensured moveable feet for the whole time and they never cooled down. We would like to thank LENZ for the excellent products and the support.“

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