Paul Buschek

Racing bike pro, Austrian Champion in track cycling


As cyclists I cannot afford to have blisters, sores at the feet or pain at the toes. The socks have to fit like a second skin and they have to protect the foot from harmful abrasion. Already at the unpacking of the Lenz Compression socks 1.0 and Compression socks 4.0 Low I was surprised by the high quality and there was an enormous difference in quality to other sport socks. Remarkable was especially that the fabric of the socks was elastic and tight at the same time and I had the feeling that these product will stand my requirements. Day by day they meet my requirements without wearing out, without decreasing and without leaving behind pressure marks. My feet and also my toes are perfectly protected and supported and I can concentrate entirely on my performance.


I am also very satisfied with the T-Shirt 1.0 Men and the Longsleeve 1.0 Men. I am training the whole year and in winter at temperatures of – 10 °C and therefore I have to consider my temperature balance. The shirts have given me a lot of advantages in training because they help to stabilize my body temperature. I already start warmed up and will not cool down because the moisture is drawn away from my body, my body temperature is perfectly regulated. Also at this product the fabric is great! I have never seen and felt anything comparable. You cannot even feel the shirt at your body, although they support my performance. I don’t want to train without Lenz T-Shirt 1.0 Men and Longsleeve 1.0 Men again!



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