Pekka Granroth

Finnish sailor


I was able to test Lenz heat socks 3.0 and heat gloves 3.0 in spring 2016 when we were sailing from Australia via Vietnam to Northern China. Conditions ended up being bitterly cold with temperatures at nighttime barely above zero with winds gusting up to 40 m/s. Heated socks are a great value for a sailor when used with waterproof Gore-Tex boots. Gloves are the best ones for me as I suffer of cold fingers. Especially I liked the possibility of controlling heat as you don’t always need full power.

After the sailing season was over, a new area for heat socks and especially gloves was found of bicycling. Making an exercise of 1-2 hours in the Finnish forest gets really cold for hands that are stationary attached on the bike all the time. Heated gloves were the answer for this demand!

On January 2017 I spent over a week in Austria where it was reported the coldest January in 30 years. In spite of morning temperatures below -18 °C it was not an issue to get up to the mountains for alpine skiing with heated products. During the day as temperatures rose you could easily turn down the heat effect and just stay comfortably warm.

My son-in-law also uses Lenz heated socks and heat vest when working for Finnish Air Force maintaining Hornet jet fighters – on the air field it can sometimes be very cold and windy during winter months.


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