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Conditions on Aconcagua, the second highest of the Seven Summits, can be brutal. I know, because I climbed the mountain solo and unsupported in 2014 - and couldn’t feel my fingertips for the next six weeks after summiting.

I returned to the 6,961m peak in 2017 wanting to set a new speed record, and I knew that every ounce was going to matter - but my state-of-the-art high altitude boots weigh almost 1.5 kilograms, 1413 grams to be specific. To break the speed record I needed lighter footwear, but I also needed to protect myself from frostbite; temperatures on the upper mountain can easily hit -40* Celsius. Thankfully Lenz offered the perfect solution: I could combine the Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap with an ultralight three-season alpine shoe, and thereby drastically reduce the weight of my footwear. Climbing the 2700 vertical meters from basecamp to the summit took me just under nine hours; thanks to the Lenz Heat Socks my feet were warm and comfortable for the entire duration of the climb, as well as during the descent. I also used the Heat Glove 3.0 women on the climb, and was impressed by the performance and battery life of the gloves. So I managed to set a new female speed record from basecamp (Plaza de Mulas) to the summit in 8h47mins.

I know that going forward Lenz heat socks and heat gloves will be a standard part of my cold temperatures mountaineering toolkit, be it for high altitude peak bagging or technical ice climbing!


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