Thomas Bremm

Snowboard guide, trainer and passionate splitboard tourer 


The Lenz heat socks 1.0 slim fit are perfect for my work as snowboard guide, trainer and passionate splitboard tourer because my toes don’t get cold or numb any more, regardless if we are standing in the snow at the trainer courses or at deep temperatures at snowboard tours far away from warm ski lodges. Through the heat socks I could uphold the physical comfort and motivation. It really gnaws at your endurance if you cannot feel your toes anymore and maybe you already have pain because of the undercooling of the toes and legs. I am really convinced that the heat socks are the perfect solution for people having cold toes to enjoy the slopes or tours and they don’t have to worry permanently if they have to stop or interrupt their day outside because their toes don’t allow it any more.

Thomas Bremm

Fotocredit: Matthias Amelin


The battery power of the lithium pack rcB 1800 is impressive and has not reached their limit at one of my day tours. I experience the fixation and holder of the lithium pack on the heat sock itself as very pleasant and not annoying. The regulation via Bluetooth and Smartphone is an additional feature that increases the comfort of the regulation significantly.

I don’t want to miss my Lenz heat socks at cold winter days anymore!

Thomas Bremm

Fotocredit: Armin Zechmeister


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