Trike Globetrotter Andreas Zmuda and Doreen Kröber

Extreme adventurer

For us there is nothing better than living our dream without a permanent residence. We are “flying nomads” in a complete open light aircraft and we explore the world from a bird’s-eye view. Our adventure takes us through 52 countries at the whole American and European continent and the Caribbean at the last 6 years. And it still continues… because in the next 10 to 15 years we want to cross Africa and Asia and our final destination is Sydney, Australia.

Our “flying motorcycle” which not even has a windscreen brings us to flying speed of 110 km/h and flight durations of 5 hours. We are completely unprotected and are exposed to wind, weather and extreme temperatures. What many people do not know is that the air cools down for 1 °C per 100 meters of height despite you are nearing the sun. If we fly at about 3.500 meters of height over the Caribbean the temperature at the ground is warm 28 °C but we have frosty – 7 °C at our flying motorcycle. The most extreme situation we had at our first world record in 2013 over the Andes of Chile. At this flight over the unique, wild and unaffected nature we had – 20 °C at a height of 3.000 meters.


Thanks to the heat socks 5.0 toe cap the feet also stay warm at the extreme temperatures within our winter boots. The heat vest 1.0, which we are wearing directly over the Merino underwear, gives us a very comfortable feeling. Also at very long and cold flights where we can hardly move. Since I have the Lenz Products I have never landed with blue lips and chattering teeth. 

The products are extremely high quality, comfortable and functional and we cannot imagine flying without them. It is also worth noting that the batteries lithium pack rcB 1800) have a very low loss of performance at these extreme temperatures. A further aspect is very important for us – the weight. As the name “ultralight aircraft” indicates, every gram is counting. This is where the products of Lenz score. The lithium packs can be attached to the socks very comfortable and at the vest there is a provided small bag. High flexibility and freedom of movement is ensured.

Thanks to Lenz! Now we resist adverse weather conditions and every flight is a pleasure.

The Trike Globetrotter
Andreas and Doreen


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