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I am an Olympic snowboard athlete and spend each winter travelling the world training and competing on snow. I have done this for the past 14 years and have experienced hugely differing conditions from sweltering heat to the coldest competition I’ve been at was minus 36c and that was without wind chill! When I am at a competition I’m doing everything I can to make sure my body is warm and ready to perform when I need it, that’s not too easy when it’s freezing cold!

The warm up for me is key – it takes about 10 minutes and when I’m done I feel warm and ready to go but in the very cold conditions my body temperature will reduce very quickly after I finish.  Realistically within skiing or snowboarding exercise will stop while going up the lifts for example or when waiting for the next race to start – its unrealistic to do a warm up after every lift or before the start of every race – its just not possible. This is exactly where Lenz fits in.  The only way to keep my body warm without doing exercise is with heated clothing – if this works then not only does it have massive advantages for athletes the world over – but it could also be the answer to any member person who simply gets cold when outside – skier, snowboarder, walker, the elderly, cyclist etc, you name it this could be an awesome method of staying warm.

I did a lot of research before deciding on trying heated products and the brand which kept coming up time and time again and seemed to tick every box was Lenz – a company based in Austria. In order that this be a full and proper review of the products, for full disclosure, I approached Lenz and requested they provide the product without payment and in return I will give a full and frank review.  I am not under contract with them, Lenz did not request this – they simply wanted a full and honest review in return for provision of the product.

The heat vest 1.0 is not bulky so goes under my race jacket. I can wear it all day with the two small lithium packs clipped inside and that keeps my core warm. Your core is what is most important to keep warm because that’s where your organs are. The heat is really easy to control either with a single button on the lithium packs or through the Bluetooth connection with the app on my phone.

I’m really looking forward to the coming winter and not being cold!

Web: www.zoegillings.com

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