The right outfit for the ski slopes has to meet high standards. Without the right clothing winter athletes sweat or freeze quickly, because the physical exertion forms sweat that cools down the body when you take a break or are on the lift. It’s difficult to ski with cold feet because they cannot feel the ground. This leads to a loss of coordination and increases the risk of injury.

Nevertheless, with the innovative heatable products from Lenz, the cold days will be an unforgettable experience! These contain special heating elements that release heat at the touch of a button and ensure that it does not get too cold even after hours in the snow in all weathers. 

winter lenz heat sock 5.0 toe cap

set of heat sock 5.0 toe cap + lithium pack rcB 1200

Warm feet thanks to the integrated heating element that surrounds the entire toe area. The three heat settings can be adjusted manually using a button on the lithium pack.
It is also possible to install the Lenz heat app on your smartphone, which can then be used as a remote control and provides you with exact information about the lithium pack’s charge level. The heat output is up to 20 hours, depending on the heating setting.

BY THE WAY: the 5.0 toe cap heat sock is also available in "slim fit" version for slim feet and legs  

Matthias Seper – mountain runner and tour guide

"Merino wool has the advantage that the sock is very smooth and soft and even after several uses it does not begin to smell. (...)
The moisture transport works efficient so you don’t have wet feet even after an exhausting skiing tour.
Despite heating wires at the toe area you don’t have uncomfortable pressure marks or points of friction in a tight skiing boot.
The lithium pack is stowed at the cuff of the sock and the cuff can be turned over the lithium pack."

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Lenz heat vest


set of heat vest 1.0 + lithium pack rcB 1800

In the heat vest, two textile heating elements are integrated, which supply the body
with heat at the sensitive places in the kidney and back area. 
The vest fits closely to the body. This produces a perfect fit with direct heat transfer. 
The energy is supplied from high-quality lithium packs, which are placed below the ribs.

Zoe Gillings-Brier – Snowboard-Cross-Pro

"Its unrealistic to do a warm up after every lift or before the start of every race.
This is exactly where Lenz fits in. The only way to keep my body warm without doing exercise is with heated clothing.
If this works then not only does it have massive advantages for athletes the world over – but it could also be the answer to any
member person who simply gets cold when outside – skier, snowboarder, (...)."

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Lenz heat glove

heat gloves 4.0

The heated Lenz heat gloves promise pleasantly warm hands for up to 14 hours.  
The three heat settings can be adjusted manually using a button on the lithium pack. 
It is also possible to install the Lenz heat app Lenz heat app on your smartphone,
which can then be used as a remote control and provides you with exact information.

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Whether it’s heat socks, the heat vest, heat bandage, heat gloves 4.0 or the LED safety belt - the Lenz lithium packs are compatible with all Lenz products.

Lenz body heat system
steuerung lenz heat app

Lenz space dryer


space dryer 1.0

Wet and damp shoes and clothing are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs.
Unpleasant odours do not stand a chance and wet clothes and shoes are completely
dry after just a few hours with the Space Dryer.

Tom Watts – Director British Alpine Ski & Snowboard School  

"No matter what you wear, if you ski boots are wet before you start you’ll have cold feet in no time.
The Space dryer 1.0 is a perfect solution, small enough to pack easily, but super powerful, there’s a
timer and replaceable deodorant pads to keep the ski boot odors at bay!
The extension pipes are a great idea too, allowing the heat to get right down to the toes,
perfect for drying all types of boots and shoes and also gloves."

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Lenz skiing 6.0

Skiing 6.0
Compression knitting technique
in very thin design, merino wool
and silk foot bed

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Lenz compression 3.0 merino

Compression 3.0 Merino
The compression knitting technique keeps
the muscle in optimal shape – for more
energy and better performance.

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first layer 5.0 merino

First Layer 5.0 Merino
Merino wool warms superbly
is breathable, highly elastic, lightweight
and dries quickly

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tom watts mit heat sock


As the director of the Brithish Alpine Ski &
Snowboard school I am I’m outside all day,
every day, for the whole winter” »more


matthias haunholder mit heat sock


The Lenz heated socks were a part of the basis
for our success at the expedition. »more


markus amon mit heat sock


Even at the highest mountain of the world
we could rely on the products of Lenz. »more

lenz wintersport