Christiane Schoon

Horse trainer

How could I survive former winters? This is what I really ask myself when I think back to winter 2017/18.

I have a stable for the education of horses in dressage, jumping or eventing. As a result it’s very important that the education of the young horses is versatile. This also includes that we expose our horses to all external stimuli and climates.

As a trainer I am exposed to multiple temperature fluctuations inevitable. In the working phase its warm and after that the horse walks and the rider cools down. Especially at the back and kidney area the cold results in health problems. In the past winters colds and muscular tension were the results. Earlier the permanent dressing and undressing in the saddle was the only possibility to save the health of the rider. Especially with young horses this was not comfortable and also not always a safe situation. 

Thanks to the heat vest of Lenz I was always well-dressed this winter. Through the very easy way of temperature regulation through the Lenz heat app on my smartphone the heat vest always ensured a pleasant and comfortable temperature and a dry and relaxed back of the rider.

Through the thin material the heat vest can be worn easily below all clothes and the freedom of movement remains. The annoying layered clothing is finally history.

Winter 2017/18 was the first winter I withstand without a cold – thanks to the heat vest. The heat vest is an essential part of my equipment and I don’t want to forego on to it!  

At professional horse sport a main focus is on high quality and well-developed protection of the invaluable legs of our beloved four-legged companions.

Often the riders overlook that also their own legs and feet are valuable because they are also a very important “working tool”. Our legs are used the whole day – at standing during lessons, going long distances, burdening for the calf muscles at extended canters and long drives with the transporter. The legs and feet react with pain, pulsation and swelling.

These problems I have completely solved by wearing the Compression socks 1.0 every day. A shoe change to riding boots? No problem, because the feet glides into the boots because they do not swell any more.

Pain or heavy feet at the evening are a thing of the past. I do not have abrasion points at the area of the Achilles tendon anymore because the socks really fit perfect!


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