Official outfitter of SSV Dornbirn Schoren

 / The ladies from Austria's handball club SSV Dornbirn trust in Lenz socks

The SSV Dornbirn Schoren is the largest women's handball club in Austria with more than 130 players. Since 1996 the club successfully competes in Austria’s highest handball league. With an average age of 19.5 years, they are currently the youngest team in the league. The philosophy of the club is to play along without legionnaires. All players are either from their own youngsters or from other clubs in the region.

No one less than Ausra Fridrikas has taken over the scepter as coach of the SSV this year, she is a five-time Champions League winner, former World Handball player of the year and Handball World Champion. "We are delighted to have a partner and sponsor from the region who supports our association and our concept of sustainable youth work, so that we can fill the women's team with our own youth players again and again", says managing director Günter Marksteiner.

We are very happy that we can welcome a dynamic club like the SSV Schoren in the Lenz family.

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